Artificial intelligence in fight agains fake news.

Problem description

Recently, there has been seen a dramatic increase of so called "fake news" on the internet. These news are then quickly spread throughout various social media sites and are affecting opinions of great amount of people in negative way. Threatening with migration crisis, lies about NATO and EU, conspiration theories encouraging in people fear and hatred. As a result, there is a increased amount of extremism, which recently also permeated the parliament and government.

Our solution

Google Chrome extnention, which with the help of artificial intelligence is able to detect untrusted articles on websites.

All that user needs to do is download the plugin and it will run constantly in the background, analyzing the content of visited webpages. If the plugin detects a article, which it will evaluate as fake, user will be prompted with a warning.

How does it work?

In case that FejkStop identifies from HTML an article written in slovak language, it will send it for evaluation to our servers. These servers are using advanced machine learning to estimate the legibility from the content of the websites article. If the untrustworthy part of the article exceeds a certain treshold, server will sent to the plugin signal, to warn the user.