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“ The best design is the one that captures your attention and yet doesn’t stand in your flow ”
Tommy L.
Place for my next experience. I am currently studying web-development in Copenhagen and this place is for my next awesome project.
Focus of this project was the creation of an event - Campus+. From the research and ideation, through planning, finance and branding to the few marketing solutions, social media strategy, and promotional clips.

Design thinking

To ensure consistency, structure and coherence of the final products, we used a strategy called Design Thinking. It is a 5-stage management tool that allowed us to have a verified strategy during the 5 weeks of this project.


The plan was to create a fully-developed event with promotional materials, social media campaign, website, video and strategic plan for future continuation.

Based on a thorough research and interviews, we gathered enough intel to shape our milestones and clarified target group. With the help of Design Thinking, a strategy was created and certain milestones were set that needed to be met in time.

Concept of this event was to use it as a start of a youth job network and help young people connect with greater range of employers and get them closer to doing what they love.

Identity design and logo

The whole event was created in a “career summer party” atmosphere. With this in mind, a friendly and approachable identity was created.

Starting with logo as a crucial element that should set the right vibes after spotting it. We ran through many ideas and certain trends were emerged. After careful tuning, tweaking, and choosing a matching typeface, a final logo was created.

campus+ skething logo ideas campus+ main logo concept

Color scheme

To match the mood that was set for the event, a certain color palette had to be created. After applying the color theory to create a best match for the event and some experimentations with variations, a color palette was created. As seen in a logo above, unique gradient styles were created to complement the design identity.

campus+ colour palette


The emphasis when choosing fonts was on the cohesive connection between text and imagery. Carefully chosen heading font to complement the style of logo, and contrasting body font to enhance readability. Both fonts were chosen from online font library in a form of webfonts to ensure compatibility with printed and digital products.

Image style was used with unique angled crop to catch attention and to be different. Also a color overlay was used for better readability and experience.

campus+ sample text example campus+ angled image style campus+ design image pattern

Web developemement

Main role of the website was to informational, and to catch attention, so the content and structure of website was created for this purpose. Responsibility of this task was on me.

Simple wireframes were created as a base for later content, colors and image style. The emphasis was on uniqueness - hence the angled sections and simplicity to present the content in easy and readable way.

All this, with the combination of colors, image style and fonts creates unique layout and look that stands out and catches your attention.

Later in the process, final mockups were constructed with colors, logos, patterns and content.

campus+ website wireframe sketch campus+ website wireframe prototype campus+ website prototype

When writing the code for webpage, mobile first approach was chosen to fit the needs of our target group. Whole webpage was coded in sections, which speeded up the process of writing code.

Semantics, visual style and functionality of the webpage were being created simultaneously. This allowed us to achieve the desirable result faster and solving minor complications was much easier, since the code was written to work together with all three main parts of code - HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Website was written without any heavy plugins to ensure quick and smooth user experience. SEO optimization was applied to achieve higher search results, and Google Analytics was set up to gather important information.


Promotional video was set to be created as a main part of marketing campaign. Goal was similar as with website, to create something to catch attention, but also to provide informational value for viewers.

With the help of storyboards, the video was split into two parts. First, where the drone shots were accompanied with a digital overlay, that highlights the important places of the event itself. The second part, in which one of the event organizers gives more important information and depicts the background of Campus+.

Main use of this short promo video was on social media to let people know about this event.

Social media

Examples of how could the social media campaign look on various platforms.

Based on research and target group, the main social media channels were targeted with this social media strategy. Sets of images, posts and other online content examples for promoting the Campus+ event.

campus+ social media facebook sample campus+ social media instagram sample
Fejk Stop
Part of Slovak hackathon organized by Slovak president. Its aim was to solve raising extremism in Slovakia in a form of any digital product. We chose to create a chrome extension with artificial intelligence.

The team consisted of me and other 3 young Slovak students, studying in London, England. Whole project was created over a series of Skype calls, which made the progress sharing a little bit more difficult that usual. We managed to create simple and informational landing page and concept of the Chrome extension.

The purpose

“Challenge against extremism." That was the main headline. The options was to either create a website, mobile app, or other digital product that would help this situation to solve extremism.

After few concepts that we created, we decided to create a Chrome extension, since it is the most feasible option, it is quite easy to develop and have great potential of influencing great amount of people.

The core of this extension was artificial intelligence. It's main function was to scan webpages in the background for their accountability. In the case where website would seem unsafe or dangerous, digital pop-up message would alert the user to be aware of this thread. FejkStop doesn't require any further set-up after installation and runs silently in the background, ready to defend inattentive users.

fejkstop project final logo

web graphics and logo

My part of this hackathon was the create the graphics that would depict the use of the extension itself, create a visual style for the concept and also create the landing page presenting our idea.

Logo was created in the “stop sign” shape, to better represent the intention of the FejkStop, even without any words, just looking at the logo. Color was chosen to differentiate the similarity with the road sign and to evoke a sense of trustworthiness.

The main part of graphics was the instructional series of steps of how the extension works. Since term AI is pretty broad, we felt that a small demonstration is a good idea. Step-by-step graphics was created with the visual language of the logo, keeping the stop sign to ensure consistency. Small details, like sharpened and octagonal edges add even better feel from the graphics.

fejkstop user flow graphics

Web development

Landing page for FejkStop is a simple one pager. Its design goes hand to hand with the visual style of the logo and graphics, but still introducing some new and fresh elements, like rounded section. This helps with catching attention and differentiating from the competition.

Coded mostly in HTML and CSS, main focus was on clarity and informational value. For smoother look and feel, two jQuery plugins were used - jQuery UI and SmoothScroll.

The website is fully responsive, coded with the mobile first approach, to ensure good user experience across all platforms. Web graphics are also dynamically adjusting to the current screen size and type. Optimizations for fast loading speed and lightweight experience were also taken into account.

fejkstop digital design overview
Zealand Institute of business and Technology is one of the academies in the larger Copenhagen area. The task was to create a new, simple and catching landing page as well as detailed marketing plan.

Marketing campaign called "From students to students". Core of this idea is to engage students already studying connected fields and engage them to produce social media material. This continuously updated material could raise attention and gain new people and students interested in updating their knowledge. Current students could also get real feedback and have already more experiences during studying.


To create a working marketing plan, the SOSTAC strategy was chosen. This gave us the structure needed for completing this task with ease and we could delegate responsibilities to each team member.

Situation Analysis

- Definition of mission and vision to clearly set our direction.
- Choosing a relevant target group for essential selection.
- Competitor analysis - investigating other schools so we could to create something new
- SWOT analysis to discover strengths and weaknesses of our company


- Definition of 3 main goals that needed to achieved

1. To gain new subscribers on social media
2. To raise awareness throughout Denmark
3. To increase number of student applications.


- Segmentation and Targeting - Getting further details regarding target group and segmentation
- Positioning and Marketing Mix (4p) - details about Product, Place, Price and Promotion
- Content strategy - GAP model, responsibility distribution and content plan for the whole strategy

Tactics and Action

- Perfecting the message to clearly depict our goal
- Deciding on choice of media and dividing types of content goes to which platform
- Resources management and division
- Budgeting - figuring and distributing given resources to reach our goal in most effective way


- Creating options for tracking the progress of marketing campaign
-Setting up statistic programs (Google Analytics)
- Gathering qualitative feedback questionnaires from teachers and students
- Prioritized actions, updating with relevant content and maintanance

Landing page

To accompany this newly designed marketing campaign, a fresh and new landing page had to be created. Web development of this page was my role in the team.

The aim was to create simple landing page that could interest potential students and gain their attention. This was achieved through simple one-pager to highlight only the important features and facts of the study. Simple call to action button was then placed to the bottom of the page to get more information.

Overall structure of the page is big heather with slogan and school logo for easy recognition, simple graph depicting advantages of this study, shirt description of the programs in general, few reviews to support the statements from above, finished with call to action button and social media shortcuts.

zibat easj marketing landing page
Abildskou is a well-known bus transport company in Denmark. Based on a research, the goal was to create a new idea for their mobile application, and present it in a form of a few design ideas and prototypes.

Whole project was performed with the current design identity of Abildskou with the focus purely on their new prototype of mobile/web application. Logo, colours and other design elements stayed the same. This allowed us to focus 100% of our attention to the UI and UX of the newly created concept.

My responsibility was designing of UX and developing of prototype.

abildskou app prototype UI

Every good UX development starts with a research, thoroughly examining various button positions, light or dark colours, menus and pop-up placements and many more.

After several sessions focused on the user experience, we moved to the next stage - sketching many prototypes. From these, the current design concept was then developed and further perfected.

abildskou ticket details overview UI

Last stage was the creation of working prototype. Since to write an Android/iOS application would take too much time, we decided to create a web-based prototype of Abildskou application.

Since the application is intended for mobile devices, in order to view it as it was intended, the browser window needs to be shrunken down to a mobile size. After this adjustment, the web prototype works flawlessly as it would be a real application.

abildskou app ticket overview UI
Køge BMX
Goal of this contest was to re-create digital identity, website and other design materials used for marketing purposes for Køge BMX Club. It is a local organization that provides adventurous environment for BMX lovers.

Project for Køge BMX Club club was a collaboration project with other students from Zealand Institute of Business and Technology. Given tasks were spread across timeline of one month.

bmx club website in real life bmx club clothes merchandizing

Brand identity

The first part of the project was re-creating its brand. This included theoretical foundation of the company, creating mission, vision and message based on our own target group research.

We also came up with a slogan: “Cross Your Limits”

bmx club heading collage background

Design Thinking

Main part of the project was to re-create a visual identity. Starting with choosing complimentary colors and font faces up to brain-storming and creation of various layouts of webpage and leaflets.

Logo creation had its own separate part and we conducted separate research for this task. Applied was the basic principles of design and we applied the guides from a well-known Design thinking principle with emphasize on clean and modern design.

bmx club moodboard concept bmx club leaflet example

Web development

After creating the company and its visual identity, the longest part of the project was the web- development itself. The page was created without any major help of frameworks, mostly to showcase the flexibility and diversity of coding for the customer. Creating this webpage was my responsibility.

The base of the site is constructed from HTML and CSS, whereas some elements also use simplified JavaScript framework for simplifying the process.

The main purpose of the Køge BMX site is informative and so the big emphasis was on the “”first time user experience”. Ease of finding important information like pricing, trainings and contact details was priority number one and the whole visual identity is created to be simple, informative and pleasant to look at.

bmx club website design mockups
Creative idea for a new type of mobile application. FunRun is focused on combination of features from a running/fitness type of app, combined with its own social network with interface in style of a gaming app.

FunRun was created on the occasion of an event called Innovation Week were new and creative ideas are being presented.

Idea behind

The idea came from a lack of products like this on current market. The objective behind this project was to create a unique and fun combination of games, exercise and social network.

In this app, you can reach your running goals with the help of an imaginary monster. The app is build to keep you entertained and keep up with your goal.

In this app, you can reach your running goals with the help of an imaginary monster. The app is build to keep you entertained and keep up with your goal.

funrun logo concept

App structure

Unique part of this application is so-called “Worldwide race mode” where you can run distances between actual cities based on your mileage. App uses a GPS tracker to store you location and can fit your actual distance to fill the space between two large cities.

Live mode is basically the same as race mode, whereas here you can run and compete with your friends. Each week, a live mode race is being organizes where people from all over the world can join this race and compete.

Customization of the profile, built-in instant messaging service, actual info and running stats - all of these features are included in this app.

funrun application UX mockup

Digital Concept

My main part on this project was the responsibility for mobile UI. Started with the start screen, through each mode and page of the application.

The whole app is based on principles of Material Design, a design language introduced by Google to unify a mobile user interface.

With this design language, colors, shades and other guidelines are included so creating and app based on this is fairly straightforward. Still, our unique combination of several mobile apps into one brought up challenges of combining the UIs into one uniform app.

Whole concept was thoroughly reviews and was awarded with best-documentation project of the Innovation Week event.

funrun application UX design in photoshop funrun application UX design in photoshop
start of AP degree
Multimedia Design and Communication

Zealand Institute of Business and Technology

Who I am

About me

Now, you’ve seen my projects. I hope I still got your attention. Let’s do a recap!

I am UX designer and front-end web developer, currently pursuing my life in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I am looking for something, where I can put my time, effort and dedication for the best performance. Playing with the endless possibilities of digital world have always drawn me in.

I am also a 3rd semester student of Multimedia Design and Communication in Zealand Institute of Business and Technology. During my 1st year of studies, I have not only gained rich knowledge in UX and web development, but also experienced and learned how to handle unexpected situations with clients. I realized that it is not only about the passion for design and results, but also about loving the process even when it's hard.

UX designer

Once I’ve read, that the best design is the one that no one notices. Well, I think there is a better approach. I think that the best design is the one that captures your attention and you just can’t help but notice it. But of course, it still doesn’t stand in your flow.

And that’s exactly my goal. A combination of good-looking and functional UI concepts. Finding harmony in the mess of elements, buttons, colors and white space.

Front-end web developer

Pretty complicated name right? To put it simply, I love to create and build web that people can enjoy and use with ease.

I think that a great website should not only have a good-looking design, but a design that is functional, optimised and provides a good user experience for its users, and still manages to look sharp and fresh.

Search engine optimizations, mobile-first approach, responsiveness, cross-browser compatibility and much more. All these things are essential part of my workflow.

Problem Solving
Adobe XD
Premiere Pro



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So, this is me. I hope you enjoyed getting to know me. If you know someone who might need my help, or if you just want to hang out and talk code, I am here for you.

tommy lehocky

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